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The #9003 Japanese Apron - Faded Black


A timeless, simple apron in faded black inspired by Japanese street style.

Key features of the Faded Black #9003 Japanese Apron include:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Two side pockets
  • Cross back design

Designed in Manchester, Hand-made in India. Made for everyone, and built to last.

We've put craft at the centre of everything we do, carefully considering each part of our process from sourcing, through design, to manufacture. Each and every component of our products are deliberately chosen, from fabric to buttons, and the packaging that each garment arrives in.

We're not perfect, but we're always trying to improve. We're certain that fast fashion is our number one enemy, and by choosing our materials consciously, we can make products that are a bit better for the world we live in.

Organic cotton *

Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the clothing industry, due to it’s versatility, breathability, and ease of care. However, it starts as a raw material that needs a lot of care and attention whilst it grows. In the growing of organic cotton, farmers choose not to use toxic chemicals, which is better for both the environment and farm workers alike. We work with suppliers that insist on using *GOTS certified Organic Cotton. This means that all Uskees products are made from fully certified fabrics, offering us and our customers some peace of mind in the process.

uskees organic cotton workshirt

Corozo buttons

Those buttons, eh. They’re not just any old buttons. They’re Corozo buttons. In a world full of plastic, we knew we needed to use something much better for the environment.

After a lot of research, we came across the Tagua Palm - a tree that grows in the equatorial rainforests of Central America. The nuts of this palm tree are harvested and used as “vegetable ivory” – a truly miraculous natural material. In our quest to create a genuine alternative to disposable fashion, we felt that the Corozo button was the perfect accompaniment to our organic cotton garments.

uskees corozo buttons

*The thread is not organic*

Nowadays, we're encouraged to throw our clothes onto the scrap heap at the slightest sign of wear and tear.

That's why we've created a product that is legitimately durable and built to last. But we understand that at some point, any product is bound to start tiring.

To try to combat the issue of clothes going to the landfill, we've built a cohesive repair system into our brand, to target each stage of the products lifespan.

All of our Uskees garments come with a free repair kit. These kits are tailored to each product, providing the appropriate materials to take care of any small repairs

Uskees mini repair kit.


If it’s more serious than that, we offer a free repair service. We’ll fix up your garment and send it back to you, ensuring that it remains essential to your life.

To register your item for our free repair service simply enter your email address at the bottom of the page.

For more details about how to return your garment for repair, please click here.


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Click here to find out more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Michael James Wonderly
Nicely Made Apron

I received my apron today. It's beautifully designed, well constructed, and meticulously sewn. The fabrics used - both in the apron front and lining appear to be a very good quality and the lining gives the apron a nice weight and feel. From that alone, I'd recommend it.

At the same time, I'm mildly disappointed. While I purchased the faded black apron, the lining is off-white. The white catches my eye when I move about. I hope I quickly adjust to that detail.

Back to the pluses. I wanted an apron that didn't hang from my neck. This is my first. Why did I wait so long!!! I was concerned that this particular apron might be too small for my 6 foot height. No problem there - I think it will effectively fit a range of sizes, shorter and taller, without issue.

To summarize: buy this apron!