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Our Buy Back Scheme

Uskees Buy Back Scheme

At Uskees, we know there is no single solution to ending clothes waste. With around 350,000 tonnes - about £140 million - going into landfill, we understand that it’s time we got creative with tackling the problem. *

We want you to love your Uskees garment for a lifetime, and that’s why they’re made to last, but we know that sometimes things change. You may have had a personal style refresh, or simply no longer reach for an item. That’s why we’ll always buy back your garment, and repurpose it, doing our thing to close that loop and reduce waste.

Interested? Just fill in your details below to register your interest in our Buy Back Scheme. We’ll get back to you with a free UK returns label and everything you need to know. Once we’ve received your Uskees garment, we’ll email you a voucher for $10 off your next Uskees purchase.

It’s just one of the small things we're doing to make the way we shop more sustainable.