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Uskees out in the Real World

Posted by David Wall on
Couple wearing Uskees #3004 Jackets at the coast, skimming stones on rocky beach.

These awesome photos of Uskees jackets were taken by photographer Harry Renton in the fall of 2020 – he wanted to show how Uskees clothing is ‘ultimately connected to the landscape, using organic, long lasting materials to help reduce landfill’

Woman wearing blue Uskees jacket and holding Uskees bag next to seaside cottage.

About Harry

‘I am a photographer from the Peak District in England who found his love for photography through a passion of the outdoors and seeking new adventures. Photography has grounded me in the everyday and I find joy in documenting all aspects of everyday life, from the mountains to the streets. Simply these images are documents of the days that I hold dear.

I focus closely on sustainability and the use of natural, long lasting materials in clothing. As a photographer I wish to inspire those of love the outdoors to also care for it and respect it, being mindful about where and what they buy.’

Being Inquisitive and Mindful

Read Harry’s take on the importance of being inquisitive and mindful about how much you consume and how you shop.

Instagram - @a_diary_of_sorts

Being inquisitive and staying connected to nature is and always has been at the heart of my photography. Now more than ever before it’s important to be mindful of the way we live our lives and how it impacts the landscape around us; after all we are not the only ones who call it home.

I have always been most at home in the woodlands and rolling hills however I have been visiting the sea more often now I live in Edinburgh, that and the fact that Poppy feels a deep connection to the water. At our local spot Tyninghame beach you walk through woodland filled with deciduous and old pine trees to get to the sea. More often than not we catch deer scampering through the trees or squirrels jumping through the branches above. The beach is white sand, scattered with rock pools, small black cliff tops and grassy dunes. It’s a place that whisks you off to New Zealand, Scotland’s North Coast, England’s South coast and the beaches of Spain and France all at once. It’s here that we let our inquisitiveness run wild.

Clambering between tree trunks wearing Uskees red jacket.

If you look long enough, you’ll notice the mushroom circles dotted around in the heart of the woods. Here the birds sing, squirrels look for food and deer watch you from afar. There’s always something hidden or growing magically from the trees. A hollowed-out tree trunk is now the home for nesting birds. Fallen trees the home for insects. If you listen, you’ll hear the pebbles being washed to and fro, rattling a soothing song against the shore. Or perhaps you’ll hear the wind whistling through the cracks in the rock. When the tide is out rock pools appear filled with all manner of crustaceans and molluscs. If you watch you notice the pool floor is alive and forever moving, changing and creating. We were lucky enough to spend an hour with a seal that had come to lounge in the now scarce autumn sun.

Now imagine all these things that make us so curious weren’t there. Imagine if in each rock pool plastic floated and the water was murky. Walking through the woods when you’re looking for mushrooms and wildflowers you find piles of waste or discarded clothes. This inquisitiveness is something everyone needs to experience because the reality is that now when we explore, we do indeed find the things we no longer value or care for. One way to help stop these things from happening is to understand that we do not need to consume and discard so recklessly. Brands like Uskees who make clothing that is organic and built to last are so important in this fight against consumerism and fast fashion. Rather than a shirt for summer. It’s a shirt for life. You work, play and relax in it. It goes with you and is part of your story.

If we can make changes such as keeping our clothes for 10 years rather than for a couple of months for summer holidays or that one special party, then we can implement that mindset in other areas of our lives. Together we can be a voice and give an example to others and the governments of the world to stop consuming and producing needlessly.

Couple wearing Uskees red and blue jackets in autumn countryside.

Be inquisitive. Go and be there but remember to be mindful of those creatures and the life that was there before you. Think about how you much you consume and where you shop. Go to charity shops, visit a refill shop for your food, repair your clothes and ask yourself is what you’re doing a mindful decision.

Jackets featured in this shoot are The Red #3004 buttoned Jacket and The #3004 Navy buttoned Jacket.

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