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Uskees Editorial from The Ené

Posted by David Wall on
Man and woman wearing USKEES gold, organic cotton overshirts.

Uskees Editorial from The Ené

We're delighted to feature in The Ené's directory this month. Here is the article in its original context or you can simply keep on reading!


Finding a brand that does everything right is arguably impossible, but some brands try harder than others. In comes Uskees, they are not perfect but they have the right mentality.

More brands need to take a note from Uskees’ book, especially as it’s pretty simple. Make good products, make them to last. One of the biggest issues in sustainability is the ephemeral nature of the consumerist society we live in, and without getting too deep, it has become a problem because products aren’t created with time in mind anymore. More importantly, most high street retailers don’t care if their product lasts, once it has passed the typical 30 day returns policy, the quality is no longer their problem.

On the other hand, Uskees genuinely seems to care. The entire brand was born from gradually witnessing the fashion industry become more and more throwaway. Fed up, Uskees was created to avoid the scrap heap, built to last with a timeless and unisex style, and with the aim to break our disposable mentality. All items come with a mini repair kit and the larger items can be sent back to the brand to be repaired for free - this is the antithesis of fast fashion. In their words, ‘we think in decades, not seasons.’ - their website is full of saucy little snippets like this…

“We’re not perfect, but we’re always trying to improve”

The transparency on their website gives a sense of an innate brand responsibility, both to the customer and to the planet. Each part of their process has been carefully considered to reduce their impact on the world, including the packaging their garments are delivered in to the materials they use. To accompany the 100% organic cotton, they have used our favourite type of button, the Corozo button (yes, we have a favourite), made from the nuts of the Tagua Palm tree. This material, known as ‘vegetable ivory’, is natural, sustainable, durable, and looks damn good. It’s your favourite too now, right? Admit it.

Would you like to know what the best part is? Uskees are not stupidly expensive. Their offering includes overshirts, workshirts, outerwear, overalls, aprons, and trousers, with nothing hitting over the £85 mark. This is important beyond it simply being affordable, there are many brands jumping on the ‘end fast fashion’ bandwagon, which is commendable, but there is often one simple flaw… You cannot outpace fast fashion if your products are quintuple the price.

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