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Proper Magazine ... Introducing Uskees

Posted by David Wall on
Uskees off-white denim shirt hanging from scaffolding in a warehouse.

We're delighted to be featured in October 2020's Proper Mag. The article is written by Matt Hoey of Proper Mag:

"With what now looks like the fast-fashion capital of Europe on our doorstep, it’s refreshing to see a local brand flying the flag for great gear that’s built to last.

Taking inspiration from classic workwear silhouettes and updating them for the modern consumer, Uskees core collection is built upon three timeless unisex pieces, the workshirt, the overshirt and the worker jacket. With a focus on durability and functional design, the range is updated periodically with seasonal changes to colourways and cuts alongside more sporadic product launches to bolster their offering.

Traditional influences shine through, but Uskees are lightyears ahead of many brands who claim to be ‘sustainable’. Despite super sturdy materials, each garment comes with a handy repair kit, tailor-made for that product. With no problem too big, they even offer a free and simple repair service that ensures the longevity of each piece for many years to come.

Meticulous attention to detail paired with a super accessible price point. What’s not to like?"

Link to Proper Mag Uskees article

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