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Introducing Uskees Zero Waste Collection

Posted by David Wall on
Uskees 'Zero Waste' logo.

Slow Fashion, Zero Waste & Ways of Using Left Over Fabric

The need to move away from ‘fast fashion’ and develop a more sustainable and positive fashion industry is obvious and everyone can do their part. It is estimated that 400 billion square metres of fabric were produced globally in the clothing industry in 2015. About 15% of this fabric ends up on the cutting room floor, from textile scraps and leftover fabric, to excess thread and paper waste, there’s a lot that could be reduced, reused or recycled when creating garments.

We want people to go back to loving and valuing their clothing. We try to practice mindful manufacturing and we think in decades not ‘micro-seasons’. We also provide a free mini-repair kit with each garment, and a free repair servicefor repairs you can’t do at home, to prolong the life of your Uskees clothing.

Overhead view of the Uskees repair kit.

Uskees Zero Waste Collection

In order to utilise all of the waste fabric that is left over when we make our core collections, we have made a concerted effort to create a range of limited edition garments from it which will be sold as part of our brand new Zero Waste Collection. The first drop from this collection has just landed and will be sold exclusively on our website. The entire collection will be created from leftover fabric and will be made in strictly limited quantities with colours varying throughout the year depending on what fabric becomes available.

The first drop of limited edition garments includes our best-selling #3008 Smock in 2 fresh new colourways, Super Green and Purple, as well as a number of colourful work aprons and organic cotton tote bags. We mustn't forget to mention that we also have a super exciting project in the pipeline...

Uskees purple smock.

Uskees super green smock.


Also as part of the practice of zero waste, we have a Depop shop where we sell samples and slightly flawed items that don't make it to the website. Click here to see our Depop store.

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