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Creative Feature | Artist Rebel Yuth

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Creative Feature  | Artist Rebel Yuth

Earlier this year, we were super excited to collaborate with the talented Sussex-based artist Rebel Yuth to launch an exclusive drop of Zero Waste Tote Bags. We sent Rebel Yuth one of our Purple Zero Waste Smocks to get creative with and use as a canvas in order to design a one-off Smock in his artistic style.

"I wanted to create something that reflected the mentality and ethos of Uskees as a whole, but also stuff that influenced me as an artist. I have always been inspired by the DIY ethos that the brand also shares, about having something that reflects the individual and to be worn time and time again. If its ripped fix it, stitch it up, bleach out the stain or dye it darker. The punk/counterculture element, from the hippie movement to the 1960s surfers tie-dying their wears, the 70s punk movement where everything was overly custom, leaving the holes, stitch stuff over the top, add slogan buttons, draw all over it. I have always been a bit like that myself and my own style, especially with old denim, it works hand in hand with my love of counterculture and Old School Americana.”

“With the smock piece, I wanted to reflect the colours and the look of a few different subcultures and movements as the driving influence. It takes a nod to the hippie collective after the Vietnam period. I wanted the huge peace logo motive on the front to reflect the gatherings at the summer solstice and the admiration of nature around us. I also hoped the floral tones would showcase this. The hand stitched flower aligns with the DIY mentality, made from another Uskees workwear jacket and an old sportswear tee I cut up, which I think shows how you can be playful when thinking about sustainable fashion."

"Another influence, especially with it also being a smock and very much a staple shape in the 80s was acid rave culture, another subculture that has influenced a lot of my work lately, again similar to the hippie culture, especially from the fashion standpoint of bright colours/crazy patterns, love of nature and moving together in peace as a community slogan.”

“It's been great creating artwork in a less conventual way than what I am used too as an illustrator which is paper to pen, creating a print using dyes and playing around with 'the more erratic see what happens process' of tie dye itself. The more I work within this medium, the more I enjoy the less rigid approach and exploring the creative process as a journey as much as the final product."

Don't forget to check out our Zero Waste x Rebel Yuth Limited Edition Tote bags.

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