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Blackhaine - Dancer, choreographer and filmmaker

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Blackhaine - Dancer, choreographer and filmmaker

If you’ve seen the Uskees slow campaign images and videos you couldn't fail to notice and be intrigued by the dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Blackhaine.  The images of him are striking and the videos he is featured in are mesmerising, as Blackhaine has a unique way of moving which is primal, visceral and full of almost-manic energy.

Blackhaine Uskees slow campaign

Blackhaine is an artist from Lancashire in the North-West of England and is one of the local artists featured in the Uskees Slow Campaign Photo Shoot.  In an interview for Dazed & Confused magazine Blackhaine describes the way he moves as a ‘physical, sensation based thing - essentially it’s the practice of constantly forcing my body and mind into areas in order to cause strain and tension so that I can bleed into a different place artistically’.



In early 2021 his work is to be featured in the Manchester Collective performance ‘Dark Days Luminous Nights’  – an immersive audio-visual experience for uncertain times.   


Blackhaine Uskees Slow photoshoot


If you want to see more from Blackhaine check out:

YouTube video for Nauseaous/Devilish [Feat. JPEGMAFIA] by Vegyn  

The Dazed & Gucci present Guccigig (a new collaboration exploring the power of performance) : featuring Mykki Blanco, Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó. Blackhaine choreographed this piece and also performs in it.

Blackhaine’s website which has links to solo projects and collaborations.


Uskees Shirts featured in the Slow Campaign are from the Uskees Overshirt and Workshirt ranges.



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